Monday, June 10, 2013

Why do people Generalize?

Generalization is an inherent to human nature, and for good reason. We can’t help it. And the judgment is personal, individual. Such stereotyping is practiced by almost everyone. But we are smart creatures. We know not put tomatoes in fruit salad. we understand the power of wind and the water. We have the wisdom to understand what is eatable and what not to eat.

Unfortunately that’s bit tricky when it comes to people. In society we often hear stereotypes about others, although they are questionable, but here are some stereotypes that I had heard and read in the past.

British are too proud. Australians have no culture. Blondes are dumb. Chinese are straight in business. Jews are greedy. Dutch are stingy. Americans have fat arses. Arabs are not trustworthy. French are considered the worst drivers...

In India - Tamilians are slaves. Mharashtrians are not ambitious. Bongs are selfish. Keralites are not be trusted. Sindhis are kanjoos (stingy). Beware the Brahmins. Gujus are business mined. Sardars are stupid.

These are all narrow-minded labels the society put, however it does detract from the credibility of the message that the person is transmitting. I think it is very important to understand others by not misjudging them. It’s not easy, needs a lot of practice and courage to do so.

I do sometimes, bitching people. But knowing it’s wrong, and trying to do my best to stop such stereotyping and generalization is the first.

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