Wednesday, July 4, 2012

HOUSE CROW - Remembering Laxman

Quick one - Sketched by using Wacom tablet few years ago.
Few tings comes to my mind when i think of these HOUSE CROWS

Once my wife said ’ there are no crows in jabalpur (where she lived for many years). i said WHAT?.  I’m still not totally convinced. I always had the impression that these House Crows are as common as trees in India.

These birds are believed to be a messenger of spirit of ancestors.

I guess the most basic fact is that they originally come from India and south-east Asia. Yes, they eat rubbish (lots of it too).

They say, This clever bird is part of a group that is considered to be amongst the most intelligent animals in the world.

R K Laxman’s and his fascination for crows is well known, he painted hundreds of crows, singly and in groups, from  near and far, and in many moods, often appeared in a corner of his cartoons.

I remember this beautiful line from a great Tamil poet  Subramanya Bharathi in his ‘Paapa Paatu’ collections… ஏந்தித் திருடுமந்த காக்காய் - அதற்க்கு இர்ரகப் படவேண்டும் பாப்பா …

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