Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Poster for CESVI

Photographed and Designed 12 posters for CESVI (NGO).

This cutie is a daughter of bonded labourer family in one of the rice-mills near 'red hills' (madras). this family is paid Rs.20 (0.40 $) per day.

We have over 60 million child labourers in India!. A large number of children employed as bonded labourers by the non-farming sectors like small-scale textile, firecracker, leather goods manufacturing, brick kilns and granite extraction units are from the families who are subjected to distress migration from the rural villages. In the cities, children from these families are employed as bonded labourers in restaurants and eateries or end up employed as bonded beggars or fall prey to sex trade.

And our great government has very strict law against for those keeps bonded labourers. The fine is only Rs.1000 (22 $).


David Nesaraj said...

Good one... and good work. Been a while since I visited your blog

viji paul said...

thanks. .. even i visited my blog after ages. :)