Sunday, October 24, 2010

Homage to a little big man - Madhvan Nair

Poster boy of Pune Coffee House ‘Madhavan Nair’ People often called him ‘little man’, we called him Nair uncle.
Am one of a regular visitor to PCH for last 20 years, but last 10 years we were quite regular for breakfast after Sunday’s service from St. Pauls. He had seen our both our kids from day one. like most of the kids my kids are also bit unruly in one stage in restaurants like running around, not eating food, making noise and stuff. But not in PCH, we are comfortable because of Nair uncle. As soon as we enter the restaurant, he is there to welcome us and give few instructions to our kids scare them a bit, with us little conversation in his mallu mixed tamil… he was gentle little kind man. We miss you my friend.

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Guddi said...

He looks familiar,but dont recall much.
nevertherless--May he R.I.P
Santoshi Naidu