Tuesday, May 11, 2010


A spectacularly compelling documentary that was as well financed as it is well intentioned. And went on winning this year Oscar.

One can say it is shame to Japanese government for hiding and mercury poisoning and stuff.

But catching Dolphin is tradition of Japan. The idea that catching Dolphin is bad people in other countries than Japan. And one has to respect different cultures.

like many I also eat many beautiful, cute and innocent looking creatures like goat, chicken, cow, pig, Fish, rabbit, pigeon, deer, squirrels…. But here I am bit disturbed by killing this very expressive and intelligent animal.

Note: This is a must watch documentary for those suckers who care about saving tigers, green earth, and stuff only by creating a groups and clicking ‘like’ button in facebook…

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Rashida said...

shall definitely watch it the first chance i get!