Thursday, July 3, 2008

My third visit to Goa

Last week I’ve taken 3 days break with my family in Goa.
My first visit to Goa was during my college days in 1987, don’t remember much coz, I was socked in beer and wine.
Second visit was in 2000, I piled on with a rock band (strange brew from pune), we played in a one of the cozy shack near the beach for some rich firang crowd, again lots of booze and played few games of pool on one of the worst table in the world, lost around 100 rupees, had good swim.
This time had great fun with my wife and sons, had just 2 king fishers all alone in one shady bar.
Pic: My kids aadhavan and ananthan having fun in Miramar beach


Andhra Flavors said...

nice blog! good cartoons.

Danae said...

Very sweet picture!