Friday, July 11, 2008

blind spot ( potholes )

I live in Pune, one of the small, peaceful and the safest city in India, but it has very bad infrastructure, most of the roads are very narrow and always in BAD condition. During monsoon either you need horse or a bulldozer or a Range Rover to be comfortable in our city roads.
Pot holes: this topic is one the filler in our city daily newspapers during this season, almost every day you will find one or two photographs.
This one i made for TOI (pune) and appeared in one rainy day.


Satish Acharya said...

Nice punch! We all go through these potholes every day and wonder when will we get a relief. I liked the way you set the surrounding for your cartoon with details. Keep up your good work. I'm sure TOI will use your cartoons more regularly!

Bharathy said...

THIS is what real creativity is!! :)..wonderful work!

Glad to note that you tried the curry! :)

shiva said...

All are very nice. I like the style. In all your cartoons, there is a social message. I like that. Keep it up!

Meera said...

Great cartoon! And so is the case with Delhi too!

Maverick said...

As usual great work Viji :) how have u been?:)

damn believe me driving down to pune everyday from u know where has become such a pain coz of the work on at the Bypass. Hope they get done with it soon, am tired of taking detours.

and you know what, i would like to hear your take on the current news channel situation. Dont you think a lot of undue importance is give to things which hardly matter in day to day life? Man doi hate India TV for that. :)



R.Kamal said...

Hilarious stuff...

Phani Tetali said...

hi Viji Paul...

Thanks very much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Sorry for getting back to you so late.I really liked your cartooning work. Very professional finish with good humour and biting sarcasm.

Do you cartoon for a living? Or is it a hobby?

I have not been updating my blog for a very long time but plan to start soon.

Please keep posting, and I'll visit regularly.

Thanks and Cheers!